Bones Wedding Photo: Here Comes the Bride!

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Is it bad luck for the Internet to see the bride in her dress before the wedding…?

On the heels of Bones star David Boreanaz sharing with fans-slash-wedding guests a sneak peek at his own duds for B&B’s big day, now he has revealed a first look at his TV bride, Emily Deschanel.

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The catch: The wedding cake, which features an appropriately ghoulish topper, is safeguarding against revealing too many sartorial spoilers.

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Is Temp’s hair up? Down? Sweetheart neckline or off-the shoulder? (Vlada Gelman helped me with the lingo.) If you cannot wait for the wedding to air, here’s your first visual clue:

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Asian-American Entertainer, Dumbfoundead Enters Uncharted Waters

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I was six years old on the day Asia arrived in America. I do not mean as a people or a culture. On the coasts, Americans of Asian descent, have been a part of the melting pot for nearly as long as the pot has been in existence. San Francisco’s Chinatown is not only one of its most popular tourist destinations, but is a vibrant community in its own right. But in Hollywood, Asian actors were often reduced to stereo-typical, slapstick style characters, and many times, in the most popular roles, were played by white Americans or Europeans (Warland Oland as Charlie Chan) further insulting both American Asians as well as, Asians abroad. But in 1972, an American born actor of Chinese heritage exploded on the scene, bringing not just his authentic cultural identity with him, but ushered in a martial arts craze that would become an unrivaled…

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Supernatural Sneak Peek: Sam Lies Dying, Bobby Returns and a New Angel Enters the Picture


Can’t start soon enough!!!

Originally posted on TVLine:

Yesterday, TVLine brought you a rollicking trailer for Season 9 of Supernatural, and now we’ve got a fresh batch of photos — featuring the return of Jim Beaver’s Bobby and introduction of Tahmoh Penikett’s fallen warrior angel Ezekiel — from the drama’s premiere,

PHOTOS | Fall TV Spoiler Spectacular: Exclusive Scoop on Supernatural and 44 Other Returning Faves

So why is the heavenly creature laying his hand on Sam? Is he the one who facilitates Dean’s trip inside his brother’s head? Or does he help save the younger Winchester?

Supernatural returns Tuesday, Oct. 8 at 9/8c on The CW.

Check out the photo gallery, and then head to the comments with your thoughts.

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If I walked into the middle of the street, naked, would you notice me then?

I have been trying to find a way to get attention. Yeah, I said it…I need attention like a cab driver needs a fare; like a surgeon needs a patient; like we need God.

From what I’ve observed over the last few years, there are two primary way to accomplish this goal: there’s the legal, straight-as-an-arrow-method or there’s the point-a-gun-and-demand-your-money-now-approach. The latter is (obviously) illegal as  hell but highly effective, particularly if you aren’t caught within the next five minutes. As I have been, for 40 years, I tend to cling to option number one; I have two things that keep me from following after option number two: a super sensitive conscience and a healthy fear of that small a room. sam and dean in  jail I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, particularly in these end days, but the ones who walk the straight and narrow- usually fall by the wayside. In this day and age, if you don’t have connections or money- you don’t get seen. You could walk into the road, stark naked and people would just continue to go about their lives, either angrily honking their horns and swerving or perhaps start throwing money for  me to PUT MY CLOTHES BACK ON, DEAR LORD!

The rest of the day they’d be wailing, “I’m bliiiiiiiiiiiiind, I’m bliiiiiiiiiiiind!”  I'm blindGetting into 20 car pile ups and walking into walls! 

car pileups

 hitting the wall

I’m an author and a writer; I have been both for a long time; long before my book was published, but not long enough for anyone to notice or, frankly, for me to develop the self esteem or killer instinct needed to be a good salesman. I started out in school, writing stories and such, like almost anyone who’s ever attended school. And I loved it! I found a wonderful outlet for my inner turmoil. And I’ve been writing ever since. I never thought that  I would ever be able to publish a book – I simply never considered it because I thought I wasn’t “good enough”. My husband told me I should try to publish my memoir, View from Within the Spirit, and so I did; first I tried New York Literary Agency and they liked the book. Viewfromwithinthespirit  After a period of time and no one bought it, they sent it back and I started the process again. Someone told me about Publish America on Face Book and I went to them. The creating of the book, binding, cover, etc., was done by PA; the selling – getting people  to buy it – was up to me and without a person to help, I SEE myself as a hopeless failure, though my husband totally disagrees and says I ought not to feel or see that way;that the book got to whom it needed to: friends, relatives, etc. I’ve never known him to be wrong  about this kind of thing so I guess it’s ME that needs the work and the patience. I just hope that God opens the door for it to be read, bought and bring in a royalty to help us out before we end up homeless yet again. Naturally, the primary question is WHY SHOULD I BUY FROM YOU and truth be told, there isn’t a reason in the world that you should…But I still hope you will. Hell, you have $20 to go to the movie, you can buy this book (through Amazon). You spend more than that on a bikini wax and this book might just tell you something that you need to know, the information or ideas far beyond anything you can get thinking only of earthly, temporary stuff; give you an idea on how to live that you never considered before. 

I hate selling because I hate pissing contests and you can’t have one without the other. I hate selling because I am just a poor woman, blessed with an incredible family and all I want to do is provide for them; give them a safe place to live and room to run around in. I’m not trying to get rich- could care less about that- wealth has it’s own drawbacks. I’m just trying to provide, that is all.

 Daddy and Ish   


Mom and Ish

I tend to be a self beater.  Self BeatingNot in the physical sense;  in the emotional and psychological sense.Hitler, Mussolini, neither of these men am I (thank God, right?!). They might have been (what we deem to be) evil incarnate, but it wasn’t for a lack of people-power but rather misused powers of persuasion. I don’t have that problem. From the time I could stand, talk, form sentences, I’ve always blended in. When I was child, my sister and I were in foster care. She’s  15 months younger than I am and I was always her protector.  As I grew older, I came to see that “attention” was overrated and started to retreat into myself. I was already getting “disciplined” <i.e. spanked with an inch-thick metal ruler> for sins that I might or might not be guilty of, depending on what it was and I have a very low threshold for pain so NOT being seen was better than BEING seen. As a result of being a foster kid, then an adopted kid with very little ability or permission to vent or release pent-up emotion, I learned to be a “wall flower”. I’m not even 100% sure that’s a bad thing; I only know it won’t help me when  it comes to selling my book(s). I know I have talent-convincing others of it is what the problem is. I don’t stand out in any particular way. Maybe this is destiny; maybe it’s just the way it is but I’ll never know unless I try. I have two primary things in my favor: I’m a child of God, fully assured of my salvation even though I don’t deserve it and I’m stubborn as hell. When I decide to do something, I’ll keep doing it, visible rewards or not. 

I’ll end this with a dare: I dare you to visit my webpage and sign the guestbook…I really do dare you. I will get back a hold of you, I promise. is the address.  See you there! I-Love_U1



season 1

Way back in 2005, A television show came on that basically changed my life. It was called Supernatural and it was a show about two brothers, trained by their father, John Winchester, who travel across the United States killing demons, windigos, shape shifters, etc.  Yeah, sounds weird, right? But you know what? The actors were sensational, the story line compelling and I was like a bug being drawn to a lamp post – only in a non destructive way. No- this show was spiritual to me from the get-go.


The brothers,  Dean and Sam Winchester, played by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, will stop at nothing to keep each other safe. Life has handed them a curse- their mother killed on the ceiling of their house; later Sammy’s girlfriend is killed in the same way. The culprit? Azazel the demon, then called “the yellow eyed demon”.


For the last 8 years, I have been watching this show. I think about it constantly. I reference it, meditate on it, add the pictures to my phone and desktop. Yeah- addicted I most definitely am.


I’ve struggled a little bit with this. We who serve God are not to have idols before us. To make sure I haven’t done this, I’ve made sure I’m connected with my Father. Some people might not think it’s a big deal- I’m not one of them. I love God. I love my brother, Yeshua. Though I don’t have to prove it to anyone, I want it said right out. We, who are human, have a million ways of justifying ourselves, our choices, ect. I try hard not to do that because we’re supposed to be more honest than that. God knows…MADE…our hearts and He is fully aware of what we do, how we do it, why we do it. As a result of being aware of this, I do my best to be faithful and true, though I slip all the time.

I want to lay out, as best as I can, what I love about this show and why it’s so…SPIRITUAL for me and I’m going to let them do it for me:

This scene made the hair stand up on my head:

This scene made me sob, because as the Bible says, “Greater love has no man than this…”

This scene made me cry because Dean reaps the consequences of a deal he struck:

This scene gave me hope because the story could now continue (very closely related to first scene mentioned)

***What I’ve added isn’t even the TIP of the iceberg where this fabulous story is concerned. Sammy getting addicted to demon blood, an unknown brother popping in- and out- of their lives, secrets,  mysteries, HUMOR (OMGosh this show is hilarious!), sadness, joy. As Season 9 approaches, I pray that it continues the way it’s gone for 8 seasons. Some of the content I’ve agreed with, some I have not. I have my own faith; I guess what speaks to me the loudest is that they aren’t afraid to go “there”. Demons, creatures that go bump in the night. Enochian books and letters. Angels assisting them in a totally righteous endeavor even if they fall apart and get back up. 

johnwinchester-2  SPN-supernatural-34649329-1280-800  Between Heaven and Earth Dean 2  Dean 3  Dean adn Sam Dean  My darling boys  Sam and Dean -Sam-and-Dean-the-winchesters-30653444-750-600

Don’t Grow Weary in Well-doing


I wrote this on my blog at Overcomers International Ministry.

Originally posted on Overcomers International Ministry:

Sad EmiconLook, anyone who’s been with the Lord for more than 2 years will be able to tell you how hard it is to be of The Way. For those of us who have been walking with Him longer? It’s no different than at 2 years except that the level of conviction is raised as you realize that, in so many ways, you’re no stronger at 10 years than you were at 2; and that’s a frustrating thing to acknowledge.

For many years I have looked for a calling; my heart being what it is, is drawn to organizations that do nothing but help other people. Whether I’m acknowledged or not is primarily irrelevant. In the end, it’s all about the calling- and in particular, the ONE who CALLS. For me, that is my Father, God the Creator of Heavens and Earth

So here I am, working 40 hours a week…

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He Loves you Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis Much!!

Innocent This morning as I sat on the bench, waiting for the bus, I looked around me and thought about the day I was facing, sitting here in Colorado Springs, looking at the Rocky Mountains. 

As always, when I look at those mountains, not that far away from me, I realize yet again how much I love this place. See, as a lot of you know who’ve read my stuff, I’ve moved around a lot! I’ve been from the east to the west and back to the middle. I’ve lived in various towns in each state, especially Iowa, but you know? I find that aside from Maine where I lived as a child and still hold in high esteem because of whatever reason, I like – no, make that LOVE – Colorado. It’s beautiful. It’s peaceful (yes, of course they have crime here but thus far, I’ve managed to escape any physical harm that could come to me or my family- thank you to my God who holds me in the palm of his hand) and I could easily live out the rest of my days right here in Colorado. 

And another thing that passed through my mind is how much he loves me…how much he loves YOU! I remember the old “I love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much” when we were kids and seeing our own kids do it and you know what? I think that’s what God’s trying to say to us. 

Yes, he hates sin and injustice- no question- but he also loves righteousness and people with neighborly hearts. He loves it when we put ourselves to the side and reach out to people who need a hand up. God has a passion for us- far above what we could ever ask or think. When Jesus came to earth to live a life for us to learn from and take those lessons to live our own lives, He did that so that we would never have to face what he was going to face FOR us. We, as human beings, even as human beings perhaps raised in the church can  and will never fully understand this concept because our biggest fear might be dying of cancer, getting chewed up and spit out of farm machinery and those things might be excruciating at the onset but they are temporary pain that will end and be remembered no more; the pain that Jesus dealt with was a direct result of himself- a righteous man – taking on the punishment of millions, perhaps trillions of people, the vast majority of whom would not even appreciate -or care- what he did for them. That totally blows my mindTHAT’s LOVE, ya’ll. It’s not some squishy feeling and fast beating heart…it’s the knowledge that our HUSBAND, who is the Lord, paid the ULTIMATE sacrifice for us so that we would be granted “diplomatic immunity”.

For our human understanding, it would be tantamount to our lawyer going to prison for us…that’s such an amazing thought. 

And he wants you to know; he’s caused me to know that he did it for YOU. He did it for ME. Doesn’t MATTER if we believe it; doesn’t matter if we ever do anything about the knowledge; it happened whether or not we believe. He did it because he wanted to do it, because it was part of THE PLAN.

Ok, well, I’ve run on long enough and you know I could escape an opportunity to put Dean and Sammy on here if I could get away with it. Gotta feed the addiction  cause I LOVE my Supernaturaland find it to be one of the most awesome shows EVER!!

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